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Orange Army 2020 News Update

We have with great optimism and positivity held on for as long as we could in the faintest hope that we could all party this year across Brighton, Clockstock UK (Chelmsford City Racecourse), Ibiza (Boat Parties, Clockstock at Benimussa Park, Double shhh on the beach, Amnesia and Sunset Ashram) and Amsterdam (TBC) but unfortunately this will not be the case due to the obvious global pandemic we are all facing together.
So, for the last few weeks, we have been paying back the monies and conversing with ALL the varying ticket sellers to fully automate YOUR payments where possible for YOU to receive refunds or transfer tickets over to the new 2021 dates (if YOU wish)

2021 DATES

Clockstock UK June 19th 2021
Ibiza 2021 (15th - 19th of July 2021)

REFUNDS and TICKET Transfers

BRIGHTON: These tickets have ALL NOW been fully refunded
Clockwork Orange
This will be your choice to receive refunds or transfer to next year’s NEW date.
All tickets will be automatically transferred to next year’s event so you do not have to do anything. (However), we do understand that some of you may not be able to attend and so a refund can be obtained.
Please note that Chelmsford City Racecourse is operating with a much-reduced team and as a result refunds may take up to 30 days.
Please do not call the racecourse if you have an enquiry, email us instead at [email protected]com
Clockwork Orange
Ibiza 2020
Again, this will be your choice to receive refunds
or transfer to next year’s NEW date.
Purchased from Kaboodle:
Customers have 21 days to fill in the form and everyone who hasn’t applied after this time will automatically be transferred to 2021.
 Genuine excuses after this period we will process.
Benimussa Park VIP tables are automatically being 100% refunded from the venue automatically. Please allow till the end of May for this to be processed.
Purchased from Eventbrite:
1. Boat party tickets have been fully refunded!
2. Beach beds for Double shhh and Amnesia Tables please
email [email protected] (can roll over if wish or refund)
The rest of 2020…
We have a proposed date for Chelmsford City Racecourse on the 5th of September as well as pencilled dates for Fabric on a few occasions at the end of 2020, (SO) (SHOULD these opportunities arise), WE can act on these plans and return to the dancefloor. WE will not announce ticket sales UNTIL LARGER gatherings are government approved. We ALSO are in talks with BRAND new venues for 2021 so keep your eyes peeled….
HERE’S the REALLY good news to counter act the bad. On Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st of June 2020, CLOCKSTOCK are to hold a full (2 days) on Centreforce in Conjunction with 88.3 Centreforce radio. WE have increased the number of servers somewhat SO NO problems accessing will be encountered.
The LINE-UP so far includes Todd Terry, Smokin’ Jo, Jeremy Healy, John Kelly, Lisa Loud, Trevor Fung, Ben Gould, Slipmatt, Ratpack, Dr Packer, Tall Paul, Brandon Block, Alex P, Jon Ulysses, Jason Bye, Danny Clockwork, Andy Manston, Keith Mac, Billy Bunter & Bongo Ben LIVE
All for Centrepoint Homeless charity
WE will also take over Centreforce again on July 10th and 11th with OUR Ibiza DJs booked for that weekend.

Exclusive Packaged Offers

We have put together some special packages and offers for the Clockstock Centreforce Weekender.

This is so you can feel like your at Clockstock at home. We are launching some new products for this great event Exclusive lanyard with all DJ set times, Glitter and Festival Foam hands for this and future events.

We want to see lots of photos and social media posts over the weekend, GET THAT FANCY DRESS IN FULL EFFECT,We will be making a collage of all the best pics, for you to view online. GATHERINGS OF 6….WHOOPE

We will soon be back to live events, in the meantime, enjoy at home some of the best sets from the legendary Clockwork Dj’s.

Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st of june, it’s a marathon, NOT a sprint, LETS pray for shine and start the REVOLUTION against this SHIZZLE that’s disrupted the world and OUR raving freedom.x

Clockwork Orange
Clockwork Orange

As always, we thank YOU the Orange Army!
Love Danny & Andy XX