Morning is a dawning. Help someone else.x

IF we did one beautiful thing today let’s boost Joe’s desperately needed chair , a special chair for a truly special guy.

We will bring him to Clockstock next June and look after him good and proper, NOT IF, but WHEN he gets his chair WE will bring him to ibiza also. The sun does wonders.xx[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]As you are all aware from recent posts on this site Joe is in need of some equipment to give him some mobility and freedom, if we can achieve this he can join us at clockwork events maybe even Ibiza if we are all generouse, we have so many in the orange army that a small donation from each of us will make a massive difference to this young mans life.
I have never met him or his family im just hoping like me you want to help one of your own and show that there are good people out there after such a terrible time for him. Patrick is joes carer and I will be sending all donations to him as he is in constant contact with the family.
Thank you in advance for your help and generosity.

Update – 3rd Feb 2020


We started Joe’s charity and within a week WE raised £8000. These monies went towards a specialised walking frame and specialised home hoist and was paid directly to (Top marks) Mobility. There was £3335 left and this has been used to start the ‘GET JOE TO IBIZA’ fund. A deposit has been laid down of £2335 for the Holiday our good friend Antonella Medgett helped to arrange. We need to raise another (£4000) this will pay for Joe, 4 Carers, flights, car hire and an adapted apartment for HIS needs.
The rest THE ORANGE ARMY will take care off and shower him with Love and attention.
ALL charity events MUST be proven, or else its FRAUD.x

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